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The Sisters Were Here – Clarinbridge 1844-2017

1707 clarinbridge thumbHaving given 173 years of service to the people of Clarinbridge, near Galway in the West of Ireland, the Sisters of Charity will soon be bidding a final farewell to the people who have welcomed them for almost two centuries into their homes and hearts.  


On Sunday 11th June 2017, Canon Michael McLoughlin, Canon Eamon Dermody, Fr Patrick O'Donohue, parish priest, and the people of The Annunciation Parish came together with Sisters of Charity who have lived in Clarinbridge to celebrate and give thanks.  Author John Quinn gave a tribute to the sisters and wrote the poem ‘The Sisters Were Here’ for the occasion.  Historian and nephew of Sr Úna Connolly RSC, Joe Murphy, recounted the History of the Sisters in Clarinbridge starting with the two sisters arriving there on 24th June 1844; and Sr Muriel Larkin gave a special Word of Thanks to everyone who came to be with the Sisters on such a special occasion.  Below are some of the photos taken on the day.


The Sisters Were Here by John Quinn

When a dreaded famine stalked the land
Bringing death and bringing fear,
The sisters were here.

When Land Wars were bitterly fought
And a Gaelic revival brought cheer,
The sisters were here.

When a new century brought a Great War
And Home Rule began to draw near,
The sisters were here.

When an Easter Rising lit a fire
And Independence appeared,
The sisters were here.

When a new state was founded
And civil War haunted us for years,
The sisters were here.

When another Great War ensued
And times were difficult and drear,
The sisters were here.

When a new world opened to us
And education was finally free,
The sisters were here.

When modern times brought change
With amazing technology
The sisters were here.

Now we surge forward again
And a bright future seems clear,
But Alas! The sisters are no longer here.

So as you take your leave of us now,
Good sisters, what can we say
But a heartfelt thank you
For a century and a half
Of service without peer.
We shall always remember
When the sisters were here.